Ferme Lafrance & Fils
Numéro d'emploi
11 mars, 2024
9 juin, 2024
Minimum Salary
Maximum Salary
Company Phone Number
(613) 577-6411
  • St-Eugène


We are a family dairy farm committed to the production of high-quality dairy products. Our operation focuses on sustainable farming practices, animal welfare and customer satisfaction. We are currently looking for a passionate farm worker to join our dynamic team.

Must be available to work evenings and weekends. The schedule will be decided according to the candidate's availability.

Salary to be discussed according to experience. Starts at $18.00/hr.

Please contact Michel Lafrance at 613-577-6411

Education Requirements

Previous experience on a dairy farm (an asset).
Passion for agriculture and animal welfare.
Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Knowledge of farm machinery and farm procedures.
Committed to sustainable farming practices.

Desired Experience



Working on the farm is a valuable quality that can make the farming experience more rewarding and enriching. Here are a few reasons why you might want to join us:

Love of nature: Working on a farm often involves interacting with nature and animals. Having a passion for nature can make these activities more meaningful and enjoyable.

Commitment to sustainable agriculture: A passion for working on a farm can be associated with a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. This can include preserving biodiversity, conserving natural resources and implementing environmentally-friendly methods.

Appreciation of rural lifestyle: Farm life is often associated with a rural lifestyle. Having a passion for tranquility, space or calm can contribute to an easier adaptation to this lifestyle.

Satisfaction in seeing the results of one's work: The farm offers opportunities to see the results of one's work directly, whether through the growth of crops, the birth of animals or the harvesting of produce. This satisfaction can be an important source of motivation.

Understanding natural cycles: Working on a farm often involves a deep understanding of natural cycles, seasons and agricultural processes. A passion for learning and participating in these cycles can make the work more interesting.

Connection with animals: Many farms include animals, whether for dairy, meat or other products. Having a passion for animals and a willingness to care for them can be crucial.

Ready for challenges: Life on the farm can be demanding and challenging. Passion can help maintain motivation and overcome the difficulties inherent in farming.

By cultivating and maintaining this passion, you can not only enjoy your work on the farm more, but also make a positive contribution to the agricultural industry.

We look forward to working with you in the near future!


Animal care: Ensure the well-being of dairy cows by looking after their diet, health and living environment.

Milking cows: Carry out regular milking treatments, ensuring milk quality and compliance with health standards.

Crop management: Participate in activities related to forage production and the management of crops required for livestock feed.

Facilities maintenance : Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of barns, farm equipment and work areas.

Follow agricultural procedures: Follow recommended agricultural practices, emphasizing sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.

Participation in seasonal activities.



Work Hours

To be discussed.

We look forward to meeting passionate candidates who are determined to contribute to the success of our dairy farm. Join us on this rewarding agricultural adventure!

Seuls les membres inscrits peuvent postuler à des emplois.

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