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8 février, 2024
30 mai, 2024
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  • Alfred-Plantagenet


Physio Plantagenet is seeking a dedicated and skilled Physiotherapy Assistant to join our team for a one year maternity leave starting May 2024. As a Physiotherapy Assistant, you will work directly under the supervision of licensed physiotherapists to provide follow-up care and assist with therapy sessions for our clients. Your primary responsibility will be to execute the therapy plans created by our physiotherapists, ensuring clients receive the highest level of care and support. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in improving the mobility, function, and overall quality of life for residents in the Alfred-Plantagenet region.

Education Requirements

Completion of the Physiotherapy Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant Program from a certified college or a bachelor's degree in Human Kinetics or related health field.

Desired Experience

Familiarity with Practice Perfect EMR and various modalities (ultrasound, heat, ice, IFC, TENS, muscle stim, Shockwave therapy) is preferred.




· Conduct in-depth subjective assessments with clients to understand their needs and concerns.
· Perform basic objective measurements as directed by supervising physiotherapists, including range of motion assessments, posture and gait observations, outcome measures, and balance assessments.
· Provide supervision and guidance during exercise program sessions in our clinic's gym.
· Offer education and recommendations to clients as directed by supervising physiotherapists.
· Apply modalities with approved settings, including therapeutic ultrasound, heat, ice, IFC, TENS, muscle stimulation, and Shockwave therapy.
· Maintain cleanliness and organization of the gym and equipment used during therapy sessions.
· Conduct follow-up calls with clients to ensure continuity of care.
· Accurately document subjective and objective notes for each client.


· Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, essential for providing client-centered care.
· Strong organizational abilities to manage and maintain thorough documentation.
· Demonstrated commitment to client care, ethical principles, integrity, and accountability.

Work Hours

This is a full-time position, with the expected working hours ranging from 28 to 35 hours per week. Some evening shifts may be required, but the work schedule is flexible.

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