Caroline Arcand, Executive Director, CSEPR

Caroline Arcand, Executive Director of the CSEPR and her team of professionals continue to address the challenges related to employment and recruitment of personnel and are actively involved in socio-economic development projects in Prescott-Russell. The CSEPR is determined to be a key proactive partner in its community. Whether it’s through supporting job seekers, employers, business associations, businesses, industries or others. We want to support you with your project, so that together we can find the solution that will ensure your success. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

CSEPR’s strategic axes (2019)

As a result of a strategic planning exercise in 2019, the Centre has developed strategic axes that are the guidelines the organization follows on a daily basis.

The impact of the Center in its community.

Partners and clients of the Centre testify to the impact the Centre has on its clients, partners and community.

CSEPR – Our professionals in action

Discover the day-to-day work of our professionals through the sharing from some of our employees.

Looking for a job or a new career?

The Centre wants to support your job search, listen to how we can help you, and take action!

CSEPR – A Choice Employer

The employees of the Centre share with you their experience as to what the Centre offers them as an employer.

« Breaktime » Podcast

A series of podcasts on employment, economic development and training. Discover the different actors and companies in Prescott and Russell, and the impact they have for our region.