Workshop 3: Inclusive and welcoming workplaces (in French)

Learn more about equity, diversity and inclusion in order to create more inclusive and welcoming workplaces in which everyone has a place by participating in this third workshop in the series.

An analysis of real-life scenarios of inclusive workplaces and communities will be conducted to help you better understand your own culture and how it shapes our interactions.

In such a context, it is important to consider the unwritten rules in workplaces to avoid assumptions, reduce stereotypes and increase confidence in dealing with newcomers and immigrants.

Learning Objectives

- Defining equity, diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias and perceptions
- Analyze real-life scenarios to help better understand our own culture and how it shapes our interactions.
- Discovering the "unwritten rules" in the workplace
- Exploring micro aggression and micro assertions
- Identify practical tips and tools and create an action plan to work more inclusively
- Sharing learning support resources

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Note: In order to optimize the information and learning received, it is recommended that you take part in all three workshops. However, the participant may choose to register for only one or the other workshop.

Event Properties

Event Date 04-20-2021 1:00 pm
Event End Date 04-20-2021 3:00 pm
Location On-Line
Categories Workshops for employers


Mustapha Amraoui, MBA

Consultant, conférencier, entrepreneur et formateur interculturel

Mustapha Amraoui a fondé sa propre entreprise de consultation il y a plus de 9 ans et se spécialise dans la formation, le coaching et la consultation en management interculturel, en gestion de la diversité et de l'inclusion.

Mustapha possède des connaissances approfondies portant sur les défis d'intégration, d'employabilité et de communication des nouveaux arrivants et des Néo-Canadiens, en raison de son vécu dans trois continents, de ses recherches et de sa passion pour créer des communautés et des milieux d'apprentissage et de travail positifs, efficaces et inclusifs au-delà des barrières linguistiques et culturelles.

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