Recruitment support

Several programs and services are offered free of charge to employers in order to support them with the recruitment and development of their workforce. Look into the possibilities offered to you, and talk to us about your recruitment or training projects.

Subsidies and incentives

Several types of job subsidies and incentives are available to support businesses and organizations hiring new staff. Find out about them and contact us to get started.

International recruitment

International recruitment is a very interesting hiring solution that is available to companies and organizations in order to help them fill their positions. The Centre is committed to supporting you in your international recruitment efforts.

Hiring of newcomers

The contribution of individuals and families newly arrived in the country or coming from other regions represents an important economic development factor. The Centre works in collaboration with its partners to ensure these people feel welcomed and successfully integrate in the region and in businesses and organizations of Prescott and Russell.

Job Succession Scholarship – Succession Builders

Introduced in 2018 by the CSEPR, the Job Succession Scholarship is designed to financially support graduating Grade 12 students who plan to pursue post-secondary education in a trade or profession in demand. Read the details of the project, and find out how to become a Succession Builder for Prescott and Russell!

Complementary services

The Centre offers services that complement the programs it provides to businesses and organizations in order to enable them to maximize the impact they have in the community and ensure the success of their initiatives.