Overview of Services

The Employment Services Centre aims to facilitate and support the integration of Canadian newcomers within the community of Prescott and Russell and of immigrants wishing to settle in the region. Our goal is to assist this pool of potential workers and their families in choosing Prescott and Russell to live and work.

At the same time, we work with employers and their staff to facilitate the integration in the workplace of new hires and newcomers to the region.

Discover Prescott and Russell

Prescott and Russell is a rural and bilingual community of 90,000 people. This region offers great quality of life and accessibility to all services including a comprehensive education system and healthcare services in both official languages.

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Support for Immigrants and Newcomers

At the CSEPR, we want to help immigrant workers and newcomers to live a successful integration in the Prescott and Russell region.

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Hiring Immigrants and Newcomers

The Employment Services Centre is developing initiatives to bring this pool of potential workers and their families in Prescott and Russell. This will help our local business sector fill their vacant positions and ensure the economic and cultural growth of our beautiful region.

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International Recruitment

This international recruitment service aims to identify qualified people willing to work and live in Prescott and Russell.

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