Complementary services

Loan of laptop computers and internet keys

The CSEPR offers job seekers in Prescott and Russell the opportunity to borrow a laptop to optimize their job search process and work virtually with their Employment Counsellor.

We can also loan you an internet key if needed to browse the internet in order to maximize the results of your job search.

Some programs even offer the option of retaining the computer once it is successfully completed*

*Some conditions apply

Work-related psychotherapy service

You feel anxiety or stress about returning to work ?

Our new work-related psychotherapy service is there for you ! Receive through this service :

  • Support in the reintegration of your job following the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Assistance in identifying and managing stress or anxiety related to the job or the workplace
  • Assistance with managing work-life balance during the pandemic
  • Confidential service with a therapeutic approach based on the development of a non- judgemental and supportive relationship with clients aimed at promoting individual growth and the establishment of meaningful employment goals
  • Free services offered to Prescott and Russell residents by a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Employment Career Guidance Service

You would like to determine or specify a study or professional project for the development or advancement of your career?

Our Employment Career Guidance Service can help you. This service allows the development of your education or professional project based on your experience, your personal and professional interests, your motivations, your skills and more.

Supported by a range of psychometric tests and assessment questionnaires, and delivered by a certified guidance counsellor, we can support you with this project.

Enquire with the Centre in order to get more details on these services.