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construction of a multifunctional industrial building

The Hawkesbury Industrial Investment Association and the Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) held a press conference today, April 14th, 2016, to announce the signature of a joint venture between their two organizations. The agreement invovles the construction of a 20 000 square foot industrial building on Tessier Street in Hawkesbury.

This 3 million dollars project is aimed towards small and medium industrial strat-up companies and / or industrial businesses that are growing, with a construction adapted to the needs of each tenant. With similar costs and services, local entrepreneurs will be favored for the construction of the building, and construction is planned to start next fall 2016.

Learn more about the project by reading the press release here.


Pictures of the Press Concerence.

Dignitaires et portes paroles

Above from left to rigth : Mr. François St-Amour, Mayor La Nation, Mr. Martin Normand, CSEPR Board Member, Mr. Philippe Legault, President of HIIA, Mrs. Johanne Portelance, Municipal Counsellor for the City of Hawkesbury, Mrs. Jeanne Charlebois, Mayor of Hawkesbury


Mr. Martin Normand and Mr. Philippe Legault confirm the joint venture.

Carole Muise, Agente de communications - Prescott pour le CSEPR

Carole Muise - Communications Agent for CSEPR greets invited guests.

Portes paroles de la conférence

Details of the partnership are revealed by Mr. Legault and Normand..

M. François St-Amour, Maire de La Nation

The Mayor of La Nation shares his impressions in regards to the project.

Mme Jeanne Charlebois, mairesse de la ville de Hawkesbury

Mayor of the City of Hawkesbury, Mrs. Jeanne Charlebois, congratulates both HIIA and the CSEPR for their initiative.

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