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Hawkesbury, November 22, 2016, 3 PM to 4 PM

As part of its FREE workshop series given in French and offered to the Prescott-Russell community, the Employment Services Centre welcomed Mrs. Johanne Séguin, Co-owner of Buanderie Cayen, and Mr. Patrick Martel, Manager - Employee Training and Relations along with Mrs. Cynthia Charbonneau, Training Coordinator, both from Ivaco Rolling Mills, so they could share information and help job seekers better understand the hiring process within a company.

Job seekers who attended the event left with quality information giving them a better comprehension of the many steps inlcuded in the hiring process, but especially some pointers on how to take advantage of this precious information. It was also a unique occasion for job seekers to network with these local employers.

An interesting fact occured during this event. A job seeker present at the workshop had recently applied to an open position for one of the guest employers and she took the opportunity to question them in regards to their hiring process. Her questions were really to the point, and intrigued the employer, who once back at his office, searched and reviewed her résumé. The result of her initiative : an invitation to an interview for the position ! This is a precise example of the benefits of networking, and more specifically of how to take advantage of opportunities that occur.

The Employment Services Centre would like to sincerly thank these employers for their contribution to the success of its' workshop, but also thank job seekers who attended and took advantage of the expertise shared during the event.

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