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The Centre was there !

The Employment Services Centre participated for a first time in the Christmas parade held last Saturday, December 2, in Hawkesbury.

A committee of employees was put together to organize this participation. The committee was composed of Isabelle Leduc, Pascale Arcand, Isabelle Duval and Andréanne Laflamme.

The Centre extends its' sincere Thank You to the sponsors who allowed for such a nice float to be prepared, they are: Prescott Electric Motors (PEM), L & M Robinsons Fruits and Vegetables and Stéphane Florent Transport Inc.  


3602 1EN

A very nice float for a first presence in the parade.

3602 2EN

It's a go to decorate the float. On the picture : Pascale Arcand, Linda Tessier, Isablle Leduc

and standing : Ann Gauthier-Jones and Andréanne Laflamme.

3602 3EN

Working on decorating the float...

3602 4EN

It's finished.. and ready to leave to join the parade.

3602 5EN

 Walking through the streets of Hawkesbury.

3602 6EN

 Goodbye...see you next year.

3602 7EN

 All done ! On the picture : Isabelle Leduc, Linda Tessier, Andréanne Laflamme,

Pascale Arcand and Isabelle Dupont.

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