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School Boards enthousiastic about the program

The Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) proudly announced last Tuesday, January 23, through a press conference that it is investing $250 000 in the next five (5) years in Prescott-Russell's youth by launching its' Job Succession Scholarship Program. With this new scholarship, the Centre aims to counteract youth exodus from Prescott-Russell to major centres, but also ensure a succession for high demand positions in trades and professions in our region. 

The scholarship is aimed at grade 12 students who want to pursue college or university studies in a trade or profession in need in Prescott-Russell, but also to local employers in need of specialized labor.

Employers interested in taking part in the program can contact the Centre's Job Developers to get all the details. For Prescott, Murielle Huneault-Pilon at 613.632.0179 and for Russell, Émilie Avon at 613.446.4189.

Read the press release here.

Pictures of the press conference.

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From left to right: Mr. Gilles Fournier, School Counselor (CÉPEO), Mr. Gérard Miner, Municipal Counselor (Champlain Municipality), Mrs. Johanne Portelance,  Municipal Counselor (City of Hawkesbury), Mr. Jean-Pierre Dufour, Education Superintendant (CÉPEO), Mrs. Trena Whinfield, Cooperative Education Teacher (UCDSB), Mr. André Roy, Executive Director (CSEPR) and Mrs. Louise Courville-Baaklini, Director, Education Services - grades 7 to 12 (CSDCEO).

Carole Muise

Reprsentatives from school boards management and schools attended the press conference along with several press representatives.

Lynda Tessier

 Lynda Tessier, Employment Counselor at CSEPR explains the details of the scholarship program for which she is responsible in the schools.

Louise Courville Baaklini

Louise Courville-Baaklini shares her appreciation and that of CSDCEO towards the new program.

Jean Pierre Dufour

Jean-Pierre Dufour, Education Superintendant (CÉPEO), mentions that he intends on bringing the scholarship program further and that similar programs will certainly be developed elsewhere in the province.

Johanne Portelance

Johanne Portelance, Municipal Counselor for the City of Hawkesbury shares to the audience.

Grard Miner

Gérard Miner, Municipal Counselor for the Municipality of Champlain shares his appreciation with the group.

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