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Destination Canada

Networking Tour
International Recruitment of
Skilled Workers

October 16th to 30th, 2013

You are an employer and would like to get information in regards to the possibilities of recruiting internationally ? This series of sessions across 5 Canadian Provinces will allow French-speaking and English-speaking employers to :

  • Meet representatives of the Embassies of Canada in France, Tunisia and Morocco and learn about recruitment processes for temporary and permanent workers.

  • Meet representatives of the public employment services in France and Belgium specialized in international employment and mobility and learn about their services available year-round, free of charge.

  • Learn about Citizenship and Immigration Canada's initiatives to help employers attract and recruit international francophone and bilingual candidates through facilitated and accelerated processing.

  • Learn about temporary foreign worker programs and permanent residence.

  • Find out how you can participate in the 10th edition of Destination Canada - Job Fair, a federal francophone promotion and recruitment event in November 2013 in Paris, Brussels and Tunis.

To learn more on these events, including the dates and areas for these sessions, please click here.

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