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Art Fusion logoA new arts and crafts boutique opens in Vankleek Hill

Last June 19th, a unique type of arts and crafts boutique opened in Vankleek Hill. 

The Artisan Fusion Boutique will sell hand made art made by local artists. Presently, the boutique represents over ten local artists and craftsman. Among other products, you will find natural soaps and lotions, small furniture, as well as baby accessories, wish cards and Indian art. It's a must to visit this unique boutique located at 108 Main Street East in Vankleek Hill where you will certainly discover many treasures.

The Employment Services Centre congratulates the owner and wishes her the best of luck with her new project.

Hereunder, a few pictures of the boutique:

Art Fusion

Art Fusion1Art Fusion 2Art Fusion 3

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