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logo-Allea-SolutionsA Digital Billboard on County Road 17

Construction work has already started in the perspective of building the new digital billboard which will be located on County Road 17, near Canaan Road in Rockland. This 10' x 20' digital billboard will present different ads from companies to drivers passing by on County Road 17. The initiative is that of Rockland based company Allea Solutions and is certainly a new way to present products and services of our local businesses.

The digital billboard is an add-on to other services Allea Solutions offers its clients, which also include IT services. For more information on the digital billboard or their other services, you can contact Mr. Patrick Brunet, President of Allea Solutions at 613.594.0222 or visit their website at alleasolutions.com.

The Employment Services Centre extends its best wishes of success to this young entrepreneur with this innovative project.


Digital Billboard Rockland


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