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Hawkesbury, April 14th, 2016 – It is with enthusiasm that the Hawkesbury Industrial Investment Association (HIIA) and the Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) announced today the signature of a joint venture between their two organizations. The agreement involves the construction of a 20 000 square foot industrial building on Tessier Street in Hawkesbury. The project is aimed towards small and medium industrial start-up companies and / or industrial businesses that are growing, with a construction adapted to the needs of each tenant.

“We are pleased with this agreement which aims at helping local industries grow,” said Philippe Legault, President of the HIIA. “The construction of this multipurpose building will also meet the need for industrial space by our local businesses, while contributing to the economic development of our region,” added Mr. Legault. “This project represents an investment of more than 3 million dollars, and with similar costs and services, local entrepreneurs will be favored for the construction of the building, which will then be adapted to the needs of the industrial tenants. Renting to local businesses will also be favored, which will result in a double economic benefit for our region,” concluded Mr. Legault.

“The Employment Services Centre couldn’t ignore the importance of this job creation project for our area, and this is why we immediately accepted the partnership proposed by the HIIA,” said Sylvain Labrie, Chariman of the CSEPR Board. “In fact, this project is in direct line with both our corporate missions,” added Mr. Labrie. “And the extent of the project will certainly be very beneficial to the economic growth of our region through the creation and maintaining of jobs that will be generated both with the construction of the building, and through the growth of the industrial tenants afterwards. It’s a winning situation for everyone,” concluded Mr. Labrie.

This project is at the preliminary stage, and several steps remain before tenants can move in. However, Fall 2016 is considered as the starting period for the construction. Any industrial business interested in renting space in this new building is invited to communicate with the Hawkesbury Industrial Investment Association to make possible arrangements.


About HIIA

The Hawkesbury Industrial Investment Association (HIIA) aims at stimulating expansion in the area. It comprises volunteer directors who mainly belong to the industrial, professional and business sectors and who are all committed to creating a prosperous business environment for the city of Hawkesbury. The main goal of the Association is the creation and maintaining of jobs. The Association works closely with businesses who wish to establish or relocate in the Hawkesbury area. Through the diversified expertise of its board members who have been established in Hawkesbury for several years, the Association can assist businesses with regards to the renting of premises or the development of vacant lots. In collaboration with its partners, which include the City of Hawkesbury, local governments, the Chamber of Commerce and surrounding municipalities, the Association maintains a strong link with businesses.


Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) is a not-for-profit corporation with 3 offices serving the vast region of Prescott-Russell. Sole organisation dispensing all employment services for the region, it is funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for the Employment Ontario program, as well as the Ministry of Community and Social Services for the Ontario Disability Support Program, and gets funding for the Ontario Works program from the United Counties of Prescott-Russell as well. The Centre aims to accompany and support all types of clienteles in search of work or reintegrating the workforce, as well as supporting regional employers with their staffing needs. The Centre offers a complete line of tools and resources to its different clienteles, including several subsidized programs, and through its vocation, contributes in an important way to the region’s economic development.

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