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Hawkesbury, July 24th, 2012 – It's a double trick of the hat that was accomplished with this Centre's customer: a new trade and a new job thanks in part to the use of the tools and methods of the "Connect SCALES" pilot project, combined to the resources made available through the "Targeted Initiative for Older Workers" (TIOW) program aimed specifically at workers aged from 55 to 65 years old. The customer, Mr. Réjean Langevin, fervently wanted to reintegrate the workforce after being victim of an accident that compromised his trade and his job.

In fact, after 30 years working as a truck driver, Mr. Langevin was victim of a truck accident that left him with aftereffects that prevented him from reintegrating the trade he held for most of his life. Decided to reintegrate the workforce at all costs, and after several unsuccessful results in his job search, Mr. Langevin came to the Centre to get some help. "When I first met Mr. Langevin, I rapidly noted that he would be an ideal candidate to take part in the "Connect SCALES" pilot project because of the intensity with which he pursued his job search" said Nathalie Ranger, Employment Counselor for the TIOW program at CSEPR. "This project consists of identifying which essential competencies a candidate possesses, and then make him more self-aware that he has them to then better help him choose a trade for which he has the abilities, or develop the necessary skills that are required for the new trade he wants to work in", added Mrs. Ranger.

Further to the results shown by the different tests and tools of the "Connect SCALES" pilot project, and after hard work with his Counselor, together they came to the conclusion that a janitorial trade would be a very good choice for Mr. Langevin. In fact, along with already having the skills and abilities required for this trade, it would bring him a secure position with an interesting salary. The job search process was then started and was rapidly successfully concluded with a new job in the region for Mr. Langevin as a janitor in an office building.

The "Connect SCALES Connect" pilot project is a 3-year project that started in the fall of 2010 and that is conducted in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia by Connect Strategic Alliances. The CSEPR is amongst 24 other companies who were chosen and accepted to take part in this voluntary project to bring their expertise. The project aims at making available better tools and methods to those trades such as that of Employment Counselors. In fact, the main objective of the project is to put together a series of tools and models that will allow the identification of 9 essential competencies in adults to then help them improve their strengths, which will in turn increase their job perspectives. The ultimate goal of this project is to increase competencies and train Canadian workers so that they can meet with new job perspectives and thus reduce job gaps.

With taking part in this project, the Centre added a full line of additional tools that can be adapted to any of its programs or services. All the tools and models are made available to our Employment Counselors who can use them to better support their customers while aiming to reach the final objective with them: a new job for which they have the skills and abilities and in which they will be able to excel.

On the picture : Mrs. Nathalie Ranger, Employment Counselor for the TIOW program at CSEPR and Mr. Réjean Langevin, participant in several help programs dispensed by the CSEPR.


Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) is a non for profit organisation with 3 offices serving the vast region of Prescott-Russell. Sole organisation dispensing all of employment services for the region, it is appointed by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for the Employment Ontario program and partner of the Ministry of Community and Social Services for the Ontario Disability Support Program, as well as partner of the Prescott-Russell United Counties for the Ontario Works program. The Centre aims at accompanying and supporting all types of clienteles in search of work or reintegrating the workforce, as well as supporting regional employers with their staffing needs. The Centre offers a complete line of tools and resources to its different clienteles, including several subsidized programs, and through its vocation, contributes in an important way to the region's economic development.

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