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470 positions available at the CSEPR Job Fair

Hawkesbury, February 18th, 2014 – The Centre is buzzing with activities related to the organization of the 3rd edition of the Job Fair, and it is with great pride that the Employment Services Centre announced today that employers at the fair will have nearly 470 positions available in the region for job seekers! This number includes 255 positions in the Prescott area, and more than 215 positions in the Russell area, with some jobs offered in both territories. And, this number is still increasing since we are awaiting employer information in regards to their job offers at the fair!

« Again this year, our Job Developers concentrated on getting employers from different industries to register at our events, allowing for diversified positions to be available,” said André Roy, Executive Director at the Employment Services Centre. “Industries present at the Fair this year will include governmental, construction, agriculture, health care and education. But these are only a few among others. As for positions available, they are greatly diversified and include, for example in the case of governmental agencies, positions such as protection security officers, senior system analysts, technical officers, pharmaceutical officers, social workers and electrical engineers. And these are only a few of the jobs available. Other employers are offering administrative jobs such as secretaries, receptionists, supervisors, coordinators and even some marketing and e-commerce positions. As for manual jobs available, they include millwrights, technicians, labourers and florists; or health care positions such as massage therapists, hairdressers, nurses and personal support workers. Furthermore, employers present will have some fifty student positions available. Overall, it’s a unique opportunity to meet with employers who really have positions to fill, making these events a MUST for anyone seeking work in the area or who wishes to find something better for themselves. And, we hope we can, once again this year, conclude the fair with quality matches between job seekers and employers from our beautiful region,” added Mr. Roy.

All jobs offered at the fair can be seen on the employer cards located on the fair’s website at www.csepr.ca/foire-emploi. Simply click on the employer logo to see a brief description of the company including the positions offered. Job seekers are invited to regularly visit the site since positions are added as they are confirmed to the Centre by employers.

A reminder that these events will be held Saturday, March 1st at the River Rock Inn in Rockland and Saturday, March 8th at École Secondaire Catholique Régionale de Hawkesbury (ÉSCRH) in Hawkesbury. All visitors are admitted free of charge to both events. Be sure to be there!



Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) is a not-for-profit corporation with 3 offices serving the vast region of Prescott-Russell. Sole organisation dispensing all employment services for the region, it is funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for the Employment Ontario program, as well as the Ministry of Community and Social Services for the Ontario Disability Support Program, and gets funding for the Ontario Works program from the  United Counties of Prescott-Russell as well. The Centre aims to accompany and support all types of clienteles in search of work or reintegrating the workforce, as well as supporting regional employers with their staffing needs. The Centre offers a complete line of tools and resources to its different clienteles, including several subsidized programs, and through its vocation, contributes in an important way to the region’s economic development.

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