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HAWKESBURY - As a continuation to the launching of its brand new image introduced last fall, Employment Services Centre is proud to present to the Prescott-Russell community its brand new website. Built with the user in mind, this new site is in fact an additional tool which is added to the already diversified line of help programs and services made available to support job seekers and employers alike.

"Although we are very proud of the new corporate image we developped during the past year, it's first and foremost about the help we provide in employment re-sourcing to the Prescott-Russell community which we are mostly proud of. This new website is in fact a renewed tool which is made available to the population and an invitation to use it in their employment processes" said André Roy, General Manager for Employment Services Centre.

"In fact, we post over 1,400 jobs and greet nearly 17,000 visitors annually in our centres. These are important numbers that do have a direct impact on the regional economy, and we aim at increasing those numbers in the next few years."

For Prescott-Russell job seekers, this new site is an added benefit to the vast array of tools offered by the centre. Along with gaining access to a vitrual job bank which allows them to search amongst our daily updated database, the surfers will also find various information pertaining to programs and services made available to them by the centre. Amongst those is free access to our resource centres and to all of its equipment including computers, internet and fax machines as well as job boards, and the possibility to get free professional counselling with one of our consultants.

In regards to employers, this renewed tool still allows for the posting by the centre of positions to be filled, but in a much more dynamic environment. The centre dispenses several key services to all employers of the Prescott-Russell region, amongst which are the services of a placement agency for temporary personnel, Human Resources counselling services and access to a meeting room for interviews, or a computer room for candidates to complete skills testing.

As to help in building this new tool, the Centre again called upon the expertise of Chabo Communications and Design in Hawkesbury. This firm is also originator of the Centre's current corporate image. The new site can be viewed at the following address : www.csepr.ca.

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