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HAWKESBURY - Long-time truck driver Réjean Langevin has found a new job and a trade thanks to his determination and the help of a new job search initiative.

After working as a trucker for 30 years, Langevin suffered an accident that prevented him from returning to the road.

Determined to find another job, after several unsuccessful job searches, Langevin came to the Prescott-Russell Employment Services Centre for help.

That is where he benefitted from the "Connect SCALES" pilot project, and the "Targeted Initiative for Older Workers" (TIOW) program aimed specifically at workers aged from 55 to 65 years old.

"When I first met Mr. Langevin, I rapidly noted thate he would be an ideal candidate to take part in the "Connect SCALES" pilot project because of the intensity with which he pursued his job search," said employment counsellor Nathalie Ranger. The project consists of identifying the essential skills a candidate possesses and developing the skills needed for the new trade that interests him.

Together, Langevin and Ranger came to the conclusion that a janitariol trade would be a very good choice for him. The job search process was then started and was rapidly successfully concluded with a new job in the region for Langevin as a janitor in an office building.

The "Connect SCALES" pilot project is a three-year program that started in the fall of 2010. It is conducted in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia by Connect Strategic Alliances. The CSEPR is among 24 organizations that were chosen to take part in the initiative.

The main objective of the project is to put together a series of tools and models that will allow the identification of nine essential competencies in adults to then help them improve their strenghts, which will in turn increase their job perspectives. The ultimate goal of this project is to increase skills and train Canadian workers.

With taking part in this project, the Centre added a full line of additional tools that can be adapted to any of its programs or services. All the tools and models are made available to the Centre's employment counsellors who can use them to better support their clients while aiming to reach the final objective with them: a new job for which they have the skills and abilities and in which they will be able to excel.

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